ICWE 2021 – Accepted Demo and Poster Papers


  • Laura Rettig, Philippe Cudre-Mauroux, Shaban Shabani, Maria Sokhn, Loris Sauter and Heiko Schuldt. City-Stories: Combining Entity Linking, Multimedia Retrieval, and Crowdsourcing to Make Historical Data Accessible
  • Marco Brambilla and Davide Molinelli. Voice-based Virtual Assistants for User Interaction Modeling
  • Ilan Kirsh. Highlighting Web Users’ Attention to Text With Selection Heatmaps
  • Daniel Flores-Martin, Javier Berrocal, Jose García-Alonso and Juan Manuel Murillo Rodríguez. SMOTE: A Tool to Proactively Manage Situations in WoT Environments
  • Leon Müller and Lars C. Gleim. Managing Versioned Web Resources in the File System
  • Jesus M. Almendros-Jimenez and Antonio Becerra-Teron. A Web Tool for XQuery Debugging


  • Przemyslaw Rodwald. Effectiveness comparison of email addresses recovery from Gravatars