Workshop 3. International workshop on knowledge discovery on the web (KDWEB2021)

Knowledge Discovery is an interdisciplinary area focusing upon methodologies for identifying valid, novel, potentially useful and meaningful patterns from such data, and currently is widespread in numerous fields, including science, engineering, healthcare, business, and medicine. Recently, the rapid growth of social networks and online services entailed that Knowledge Discovery approaches focused on the World Wide Web (WWW), whose popular use as global information system led to a huge amount of digital data. KDWeb 2021 is focused on the field of Knowledge Discovery from digital data, with particular attention for Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Information Retrieval methods, systems, and applications. KDWeb 2020 is aimed at providing a venue to researchers, scientists, students, and practitioners involved in the fields of Knowledge Discovery on Data Mining, Information Retrieval, and Semantic Web, for presenting and discussing novel and emerging ideas. KDWeb 2021 will contribute to discuss and compare suitable novel solutions based on intelligent techniques and applied in real-world applications.

The workshop welcomes submissions of fresh investigations concerning experimental and applied studies on web Knowledge Discovery. The topics include but are not limited to:

  • Big Data on the Web
  • Data Mining
  • Deep Learning on the Web
  • Feature Selection and Extraction of Web data
  • Hierarchical Categorization of Web data
  • Knowledge Discovery
  • Linked Web Data
  • Machine Learning applications on the Web
  • Open Web Data
  • Semantic Web
  • Semantics and Ontology Engineering for Web applications
  • Social Media Mining
  • Social Media Measures and applications
  • Text Categorization on the Web
  • Text Mining for Web applications
  • Web data Mining
  • Web Information Filtering and Retrieval
  • Web Personalization and Recommendation


  • Giuliano Armano (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science -University of Cagliari, Italy)
  • Matteo Cristani (Department of Computer Science -University of Verona, Italy)
  • Claudio Tomazzoli (CITERA Interdepartmental Centre, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)