Best Research Papers:

  • Fabio Di Lauro, Souhaila Serbout and Cesare Pautasso.
    Towards Large-scale Empirical Assessment of Web APIs Evolution
  • André Langer, Christoph Göpfert and Martin Gaedke.
    CARDINAL: Contextualized Adaptive Research Data description INterface Applying Linked data
  • Kijin An and Eli Tilevich.
    Communicating Web Vessels: Improving the Responsiveness of Mobile Web Apps with Adaptive Redistribution
  • Stefan Huber, Lukas Demetz and Michael Felderer.
    PWA vs the Others: A Comparative Study on the UI Energy-Efficiency of Progressive Web Apps
 Best Demo Papers:
  • Laura Rettig, Philippe Cudre-Mauroux, Shaban Shabani, Maria Sokhn, Loris Sauter and Heiko Schuldt.
    City-Stories: Combining Entity Linking, Multimedia Retrieval, and Crowdsourcing to Make Historical Data Accessible
  • Marco Brambilla and Davide Molinelli. Voice-based Virtual Assistants for User Interaction Modeling